In an unprecedented move, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has joined the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) in delivering three joint statements to the World Health Organization (WHO) as the latter group is engaged in the ongoing revision of its International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Both Associations consider proposals for a new chapter on sexual health, and the relocation of relevant trans-related diagnoses to that chapter, as being of the utmost importance. Both Associations are aware that there has been debate around these proposals, and they have therefore issued the following three joint statements, all dated 30/6/2017:

The World Association for Sexual Health and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health urge the World Health Organisation to remain fully committed to inclusion of a chapter on Conditions Related to Sexual Health in ICD-11 in the version to be presented for approval at the World Health Assembly. We also urge WHO member states to support the proposed chapter.

The World Association for Sexual Health and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health urge the World Health Organisation to remain fully committed to locating the proposed diagnosis of Gender Incongruence of Adolescence and Adulthood within the chapter on Conditions Related to Sexual Health. We also urge member states to support the proposed placement.

The World Association for Sexual Health and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health call on WHO to consider further the proposed Gender Incongruence of Childhood diagnosis, including through comprehensive consultation with the transgender community.


WPATH is seeking proposals from experienced, high-quality, evidence based review teams to assist in the literature review for the revised Standards of Care (SOC8).  The co-chairs and chapter leaders of the newly revised SOC8 will make recommendations based on a much more rigorous and comprehensive review of the literature. In areas where there is no data, the committee members will make best practice statements based on consensus expert opinion.  However, the intent of the new SOC8 is to have as many recommendations based on recently published studies that inform the delivery of health care and well-being of transgender people.

A point of information for our members who have questions about this process: Medical and mental health practices and protocols are commonly evaluated based upon the evidence base that supports those recommendations. In order to have maximum impact and ability to support the needs of transgender people internationally, The Standards of Care must reflect the current state of evidenced based research. Towards that end, we would like to employ the services of a professional evidence based review team. Such teams routinely give input to professional organizations developing standards of care. An external objective group of such researchers would greatly enhance the scientific rigor of our SOC8 development process. As described in the “Presidents Notes” dated June 2017, our members are invited to participate in the development of the SOC in a number of ways. The professional review is only one component in the development process which will fully utilize the expertise and involvement of our members.

Potential evidence based review teams should have experience in gathering, synthesis and grading of the scientific literature and scientific guidelines development. Teams should have experience in working with multi-specialty groups. The following tasks are requested in the proposal on the SOC8.

  • Training and discussion of grading system to be used with SOC8 with the co-chairs and chapter leads
  • Systematic review of guidelines statements generated from the SOC8 committee members
  • Data gathering, synthesis, and summary of the systematic reviews
  • Presentation and guidance in the interpretation of the results of the systematic reviews to the committee members
  • Feedback and assistance in the development of the SOC8 guidelines

How to apply?

Interested teams should send the following items to

  1. A proposal that clearly outlines the experience of the team and the services that are provided  Different levels of service can be offered
  2. Budget of the proposal to reflect a 12 month project completion timeline
  3. Examples of past work on evidence based guidelines
  4. CVs of the key personnel involved in the evidence review team
  5. Letters of support are recommended but not required

Deadline: August 5, 2017.

Notice of the Finalist will be made by September 1, 2017


The Co-chairs of the Student Initiative engage graduate students in the field of transgender health through the programs offered by WPATH Student Initiative. The Co-chair position requires energy, creativity, initiative, good organization skills, and the ability to work cooperatively.  The unpaid, volunteer position usually involves roughly 2-5 hours of time per week.

There are two Co-chairs of the WPATH Student Initiative.  The Student Member Co-chair is a student member who is elected by the student members of WPATH.  The next election cycle will begin in mid-to-late 2018.  The Student Member Co-chair also serves as the Student Liaison to the Board of Directors.

The Full Member Co-chair is appointed by the board.  We are now looking for a new Full Member Co-chair.

The Co-chairs together oversee all of the activities of the WPATH Student Initiative including:

  • The annual WPATH Graduate Student Research Symposium, (which has been held for four years at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, but is not anchored to that event)
  • Awarding Student Outstanding Achievement Awards
  • Awarding Student Research Grants
  • Writing sponsorship letters for student membership applications for students who do not currently know any full members in WPATH
  • The WPATH Student Mentorship Project
  • The student sections of the WPATH website and the Student Initiative Facebook page
  • And finding and coordinating other WPATH members who volunteer to work on the above, and future, projects.

If interested, please send a statement of interest that includes any relevant experience The deadline to submit is July 15, 2017.

WPATH Supports Students Health and Safety

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