The 23rd WPATH Symposium

Bangkok, Thailand
February 14th-18th, 2014
"Transgender Health from Global Perspectives"

Anantara Bangkok Riverside Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand



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DEADLINE to register online for the WPATH Symposium - Bangkok is Friday, January 31, 2014 at 12:00 noon (CST)


Symposium Registration Information:

Online registration ended on January 31st, 2014 at 12:00pm GMT-6:00. You may register again in person at the Symposium for $700USD.

Additional Information has been updated and is posted below.

The purpose of the 24th WPATH International Symposium is to present professionals with the latest advances in research, education, clinical service, and advocacy to promote the health and well being of transgender and transsexual people and their families. The scientific program will address topics in several areas including primary care, psychiatry, endocrinology, and surgery; psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy; sociology and anthropology; gender and sexuality; speech and voice therapy; and other related fields relevant to transgender health. We invite all professionals, clinicians, researchers, and academics to submit relevant abstracts. There will be a variety of special panels, paper presentations, poster sessions and speakers, including some of the following topics: Children, families, and youth; ethnic/racial and cultural diversity in transgender health; transition-related services; community-based health care and community-participatory research; transgenderism in sports; legal & human rights; and the latest advances in brain research. An update will be provided on the revision of the DSM and ICD gender-related diagnoses. Proof of Attendance Certificate and CEUs will be given to all Symposium attendees.


  • The host hotel is sold out!  This was unexpected and we have obtained an official overflow hotel.  We will provide a shuttle between this hotel and the host hotel during symposium hours.


  • Overflow Hotel: We have an overflow hotel, the Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside Hotel.  The hotel price is $125 per night.  If you would like to make a reservation for this hotel, please contact Lauren Husting at

  •  The Gala Dinner Chaophraya River Cruise is also sold out. We would love to take everyone aboard but the boat is of course limited in space. Our apologies for any inconvenience, and please contact us regarding cancellations.


WPATH is pleased to announce the registration fees for 2014 WPATH Symposium in Bangkok will not increase in price. We recognize the flight expense to Bangkok will be more expensive than previous symposium. We are working hard to keep all other costs down.

In the registration process, you may choose to purchase the gala dinner cruise for US$65; we anticipate this event will sell out! There are only 400 seats available for the dinner cruise, so register early! The Gala dinner, will be a once in a lifetime river boat cruise on the Chao Phraya River, This dinner cruise will cost $65 (versus $90 gala dinner at our last symposium).

Surgeons may sign up for the Surgeon’s Only Pre-Conference through the registration process. Surgeon’s not able to stay for the full symposium may bring someone in lieu of themselves for remainder of the symposium. To be clear, this person can replace the surgeon, not be in addition to the surgeon.

The opening reception will include a sea food and steak buffet, free of charge to our attendees.

All lunches and breaks are included in your registration fee.

The most updated version of the program outline will be posted at the link below. Please note: this is a draft and preliminary schedule. All times are subject to change!

Once you complete your registration you will be e-mailed a receipt. This receipt will have all of your registration information including gala dinner and hotel information. It is imperative that you bring this receipt with you to Thailand. It will help to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Please contact Jeff at the WPATH office if you have any questions about the registration process.


Surgical Summit

The WPATH meeting in Bangkok will feature the 2nd WPATH Surgical Summit. This special conference for surgeons only will provide an forum for exchange of new ideas and updates on the latest advances in gender re-affirming surgeries among surgical colleagues. Please contact Dr. Stan Monstrey at or Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon at for more information about attendance at this conference.


Thailand Tourism Packages


Vietnam and Cambodia


Thailand Facts

History: The earliest identifiably Thai kingdom was founded in Sukhothai in 1238.

Politics: Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, with the king as Head of State.

Climate: Thailand is largely tropical, so it's hot and humid all year around with temperatures in the 28-35°C range (82-95°F).

Culture: Mainland Thai culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism.


Symposium Management

Scientific Committee
Stan Monstrey, MD (Belgium) - Co-Chair
Vin Tangpricha, MD, PhD (USA) - Co-Chair
Stan Monstrey, MD (Belgium)
Preecha Tiewtranon, MD (Thailand)
Lin Fraser, EdD (USA) -Board Liaison and WPATH President

Surgical Pre-Conference
Stan Monstrey, MD (Belgium) - Chair
Preecha Tiewtranon, MD (Thailand)
Apichai Angspatt, MD (Thailand)
Marlon Buncamper, MD (The Netherlands)
Marc-Bram Bouman, MD (The Netherlands)

Scientific Committee Track Directors
Robert Garofalo, MD
Dan Karasic, MD
Griet De Cuypere, MD
Kit Rachlin, PhD
Jamison Green, PhD
Randi Ettner, PhD
JoAnne Keatley, MSW
Tone Maria Hansen
Aaron Devor, PhD
Jaimie Veale, PhD
Maddie Deutsch, MD
Sandra Samons, PhD, DCSW
Shawn McDonald, PhD
Stan Monstrey, MD
Ira Haraldsen, MD
Richard Adler, PhD
Sam Winter, PhD
Gail Knudson, MD
Mick van Trotsenburg, MD
Eli Coleman, PhD
Guy T’Sjoen, MD, PhD
Heino Meyer-Bahlburg, Dr ret. nat.
Jamie Feldman, MD
Brandy Panunti, MD
Davide Dettore, PsyD
Annelou de Vries, MD, PhD



Scientific Committee Abstract Reviewers
Kevan Wylie, MB, MD, FRCP, FRCPsych, FRCOG
Emilia Lombardi, PhD
JoAnne Keatley, MSW
Peggy Cohen-Kettenis, PhD
Gail Knudson, MD
Faii Sangganjanavanich, PhD
Dan Karasic, MD
Cecilia Dhejne, MD
Walter Bouman, MD
Thomas Wayne Johnson, MD
lore dickey, PhD
Tone Maria Hansen
George Brown, MD
Sharon McGowan, JD
Virginia Erhardt, PhD
Randell Ehrbar, PsyD
Michele Angello, PhD
Justus Eisfeld, MA
Jamison Green, PhD
Sam Winter, PhD
Paul Vasey, PhD
Nick Matte, PhD
Gal Mayer, MD
Michael Goodman
Todd Sakakibara, MD, CCFP
Marria Townsend
Lisette Lahana, LCSW
Masao Takagaki, MD, PhD
Sandy Hirsch, MS
Jenni Oates, FSPAA
Mariela Castro, MPH
Griet De Cuypere, MD
Joshua Safer, MD
Henriette Delemarre, MD,PhD
Katinka Schweizer, MSc
Jason Stein
Brandy Panunti, MD
Jiska Ristori, PsyD, PhD
Paolo Antonelli
Norman Spack, MD

Local Organizing Committee
Preecha Tiewtranon, MD (Thailand) - Chair
Apichai Angspatt, MD (Thailand) - Co- Chair
Faii Sangganjanavanich, PhD (USA) - USA-Thailand Liaison

Symposium Organizer
Jeffrey Whitman, BS, Business/ Events Manager (USA)

WPATH Administrative Staff
Bean Robinson, PhD, Executive Director (USA)
Jeffrey Whitman, BS, Business/ Events Manager (USA)
Andrea Martin, Executive Administrator (USA)
Lauren Husting, MM, Office Assistant (USA)

Symposium Planners
Mui Thitima (Thailand)
Pongsakorn "Eak” Wittayaprichakul (Thailand)