President's Notes

The President writes Notes periodically to communicate activities within the Association and is written by WPATH’s current President, Gail Knudson, MD. Please feel free to email the president at or the WPATH office at with comments or suggestions.

Current Note

Criteria for membership on SOC8

2016 July 

Past Notes

2016 April Monthly Note

2015 June Monthly Note

2014 November Monthly Note

2014 March Monthly Note (.docx)  

2014 January Monthly Note (.docx)

Correction to 2014 January Monthly Note (.docx)

2013 August Monthly Note (.docx)
2013 July Monthly Note (.docx)
2013 April Monthly Note (PDF)
2013 March Monthly Note (.docx)
2013 January Monthly Note (.docx)
2012 December Monthly Note  (.docx)
2012 September Monthly Note (.docx)
2012 July Monthly Note (.docx)
2012 April Monthly Note (.docx)
2012 March Monthly Note (.docx)
2012 February Monthly Note (.docx)
2012 January Monthly Note (.docx)

Past Quarterly Updates (no longer issued) (PDFs)

2011 Summer Update 
2010 Fall Update
2010 Spring/Summer Update
2010 January Update
2009 October Update
2009 April Update
2008 September Update
2008 May Update
2007 April Update
2006 October Update
2006 July Update
2006 March Update
2006 January Update