WPATH Launches Campaign in Response to Challenge Grant for SOC Translations Fund


We did it! SOC Translation Fund Challenge Grant Met.

Thanks to hard work of the WPATH Development Committee and the loyal members and supporters of transgender health, we reached the goal of $10,000.00 in donations, which has been generously matched by $10,000.00 from the Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES) in the UK. This grant is in addition to the $20,000 that GIRES previously contributed to the WPATH translation fund. The challenge grant initiative represents the first major fundraising effort in WPATH’s history. We deeply appreciate the support and commitment represented by your donations, large or small – every dollar matters. The funds raised in this campaign will go toward contracted translation efforts. All the project management, and production coordination, as well as the development of SOC content, is done on volunteer time contributed by our professional members, officers, and committee chairs.

As we work on the completion of translations of SOC into Hindi and Arabic, we are now able to embark on the next group of translations to be offered.

If you are looking for opportunities to become more involved with WPATH, we are looking for dedicated members to join our Development Committee as we charge forward to make a difference for transgender care globally!   Please email Dr. Lin Fraser (linfraser@gmail.com) WPATH Development Committee Chair for more information.

For those of you who have yet to donate, don’t worry donations are still welcomed, needed and appreciated through the WPATH website at http://bit.ly/1AwnIVC

Your shared commitment to increase access to professional education, to improve transgender health, to strengthen the professional ethics and practice of transgender care, and to advocate for civil and human rights for transsexual, transgender, and gender-nonconforming people are exemplified by your support for WPATH.


The WPATH Development Committee:
Lin Fraser, EdD (Committee Chair)
Jamison Green, PhD (President)
Gail Knudson, MD, FRCPC (President Elect)
Vin Tangpricha, MD, PhD (Secretary – Treasurer)
Beatrice "Bean" Robinson, PhD, LP, LMFT (Executive Director)
Eli Coleman, PhD, LP
Randi Ettner, PhD
Dan Karasic, MD
Stan Monstrey MD, PhD
Donna Kelly
Sue O'Sullivan
Jeff Whitman


You may continue to donate at any time: http://www.gofundme.com/bz9e1

We offer a sincere thank you to those members and non-members who attended and those who have offered financial contributions to support this important initiative.

Aaron Devor
Andrea Martin
Ann Vitale
Annie Chiu
Beatrice "Bean" Robinson
Blaine Hall
Brandon J. Hill
Carolyn Gallagher
Charles Bennett
Colton Meier
Dan Karasic
Dana Strauss
David Steinberg
Diahanna Taylor
Denis LeBlanc
Dominic Davies
Eli Coleman
Facial Team
Frederic Ettner
Gail Knudson
Gal Meyer
George Brown
Griet De Cuypere
Heino F Meyer-Bahlburg
Hershel Russell
Ilana Berger
Inga Beta
In Honor of the CIIS beginnings
Jack Harrison-Quintana
James King
Jamison Green
Jamie Feldman
Jeffrey Whitman
Jennifer N. Pritzker
John C. Harrison
John Harrison
John & Donna Kelly
John Otto
Katherine Rachlin
Kyle O'Connor
Lauren Husting
Lin Fraser
Lisa Griffin
Loren S. Schechter
MAA van Trotsenburg
Mark Schoen
Mary B Mattis SoCo Counseling
Michael Herman
Morgan Ayres
Nina Graziosi
Olivia Danforth
Peggy Cohen-Kettenis
Peter England
Phil Thomas
Randi Ettner
Rebecca Allison
Rick Hermelin
Richard Adler
Robin Diane Goldstein
Ron King
Roxanne Cherry
Sara Rook
Scott Leibowitz
Shelagh Davies
Stanislas Monstrey
Stefan Lucke
Sue O’Sullivan
Susan McIntyre
Taryn M Witten
Vin Tangpricha
Walter Bockting