Cape Town Declaration

In South Africa this summer, a group of 40 transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex-focused health practitioners, advocates, activists, researchers, family members, parents, and members of the trans* community came together for a Trans* Health, Advocacy & Research Conference (30 May – 2 June 2014, Cape Town, South Africa). The participants represented over 11 different countries and cultures predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa.  South Africa is one of the countries which the WHO has selected where field trials are being conducted for the proposed diagnoses of Gender Incongruence in preparation for the creation of the ICD-11.

During and in the period immediately following the conference, a working group was convened specifically to discuss the WHO proposals for a Gender Incongruence of Childhood diagnosis. This working group produced a document entitled the Cape Town Declaration, summarizing the group’s opinion. The Declaration addresses WHO ICD-11 proposals, and calls upon WHO to discard the current Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood diagnosis and refrain from replacing it with any new pathologising diagnosis, including the proposed Gender Incongruence of Childhood (GIC) diagnosis. This document was forwarded to WPATH to encourage further discussion among professionals in the field, and is available for download here: Cape Town Declaration

WHO’s ICD-11 field trials are currently underway, and the WHO is currently targeting 2017 for the release of the revised International Classification of Diseases document.

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