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May 14, 2015

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May 22, 2015

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July 6, 2015


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October 2015

WPATH Members Vin Tangpricha MD, PhD, and Joshua Safer, MD are interviewed for the Endocrine Society Newsletter.  Transgender issues have moved to the forefront of society’s collective consciousness in a way never before seen thanks to several high-profile trans celebrities. This newfound recognition has suddenly placed endocrinologists squarely on the front lines to treat and counsel this new emergent patient population. See more at:

APTN Blueprint for the Provision of Comprehensive Care for Trans People and Trans Communities in Asia and the Pacific

October 8, 2015

We are thrilled to share with the membership the APTN press release regarding Transgender Rights and Health Report Points to Progress, Gaps in Asia-Pacific. WPATH was a partner in reviewing and endorsing this document.

(Bangkok, 8 October 2015) – The health and human rights of transgender people in the Asia-Pacific region are highlighted in a new report released today by the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network. The "Blueprint for the Provision of Comprehensive Care for Trans People and Trans Communities in Asia and the Pacific” points to the significant barriers trans people face, highlights important progress in some countries, and calls for sustained efforts to improve the legal and social status of trans people across the region.

"The Blueprint is intended to provide information about the current health and human rights situation for trans people in Asia and the Pacific, including clinical advice for meeting the health needs of trans people,” said Joe Wong, Programme Manager at APTN. "We hope this becomes a central reference document for trans community advocates, health professionals, policymakers, and those who design or deliver services to trans people.”

The Blueprint was developed as a partnership between APTN, UNDP, and the USAID- and PEPFAR-funded Health Policy Project. The Pacific Sexual Diversity Network was involved in the process to ensure that the voices and experiences of Pacific trans people are visible, alongside those of trans women, trans men and third gender people from all parts of Asia.

"This Blueprint builds the case for changing laws, policies, and practices so that trans people are able to participate fully in every country and community across this region,” said Wong. "Trans peoples’ human rights, including the right to health, have been cemented by multiple international bodies. It’s time for governments to make these rights a reality.” 

APTN will document how people use the Blueprint and any progress achieved on the policy considerations listed in the report. Please visit their website, The Asia Pacific Trans Health Blueprint in Action, to report how the document is being used in your community advocacy.

For more information, please contact:

Joe Wong
Programme Manager

October 14, 2015

WPATH Members Joseph Freund, MD, Marci Bowers, MD, Joshua Safer, MD, Madeline Deutsch, MD, MPH, Seth Pardo, PhD, Timothy Cavanaugh, MD, and WPATH President Jamison Green, PhD are quoted in a JAMA article published on October 14, 2015, entitled "Transgender Care Moves into the Mainstream,” by Laura Buchholz. Find the article here:

October 18, 2015

WMA Statement on Transgender People and Health

New guidelines for physicians to enable them to increase their knowledge and sensitivity towards transgender people and the unique health issues they face have been approved by the World Medical Association.

The "WMA Statement on Transgender People" approved during the WMA General Assembly in Moscow was drafted by a Timo Nieder with a German colleague, Annette Güldenring.   Dr. Nieder is a WPATH member and is currently part of the 2016 Amsterdam Symposia scientific program committee.  View the complete position statement here:

The WMA intends this statement to serve as a guideline for patient-physician relations and to foster better training to enable physicians to increase their knowledge and sensitivity toward transgender people and the unique health issues they face. The WMA calls for the provision of appropriate expert training for physicians at all stages of their career to enable them to recognize and avoid discriminatory practices, and to provide appropriate and sensitive transgender healthcare.  

This position is consistent with WPATH’s previous policy statements, and is directly in line with the WPATH vision and mission.

The following link leads to the press release from the WMA:

October 19, 2015

WPATH President Dr. Jamison Green and Member Dr. Marci Bowers are currently featured in the November issue of Esquire. View the online version at this link:

Dr. Randi Ettner and Dr. Loren Schechter

Boston Magazine

October 19, 2015

New York Times –California Is First State to Adopt Sex Reassignment Surgery Policy for Prisoners

October 22, 2015

Long time WPATH Member and current Board and Development Committee member Dr. Randi Ettner recently provided expert testimony in a case which has resulted California becoming the first state with a policy of providing sex reassignment surgery for prison inmates for whom the procedures are medically necessary, adopting a set of specific guidelines on what services will be provided to transgender prisoners.

A new 4:20-minute interview with WPATH President Dr. Jamison Green about the gender paradigm and healthcare access was posted on YouTube:

Walter Bockting

Health News Digest

November 19, 2015

Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People
American Psychological Association Guidelines

December 2015

Task Force:

Anneliese A. Singh (co-chair)*
lore m. dickey (co-chair)*
Walter Bockting*
Sand Chang*
Kelly Ducheny
Laura Edwards-Leeper*
Randall Ehrbar*
Max Fuhrmann*
Michael Hendricks*
Ellen Magalhaes*
*WPATH Members

Council takes action on diverse priorities

October 2015

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February 21, 2016

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May 14, 2016

Jamison Green and George Brown

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May 11, 2016