Find A Provider

How do I find a certain provider?

1. Enter their first and/or last name

How do I find a Provider with a certain specialty?
1. Use the drop down menu under "Professional Specialty"
2. Click on the "Submit" button
3. Current WPATH members who specialize in this area will appear

What do I enter for city, state and country?
City: Enter entire city name (e.g., New York)
State: Use the "State" drop down menu to find the state's postal code
Country: Enter USA for the United States and entire country name for all other countries (e.g., United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, etc.)

** You can also use the "Location" drop down menu to get specific locations of providers in the USA and Canada

Providers: If you would like to be added to the provider list, please email Currently only WPATH members in good standing are eligible for listing.


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