WPATH's Global Education Initiative (GEI)


WPATH offers our Global Education Initiative (GEI) certified training courses first and foremost to increase access
to knowledgeable care providers for transgender people by training healthcare providers globally in the context
and principles described in the WPATH Standards of Care and their implementation into practice. As the core
curriculum for our WPATH certified provider program, courses are offered in an interdisciplinary, interactive, live
format providing ample opportunity for networking and building referral systems.

What is WPATH Certification all about?

The WPATH Certification Program is an optional benefit to our members that signifies a provider is a WPATH
member in good standing who has completed an additional rigorous educational curriculum specific to the
most current Standards of Care. The certification indicates that the provider has a working understanding of
the multidisciplinary care team and the translation of the Standards into practice. The extensive 50 -hour core
competencies-based training program includes course work, mentorship and a minimum membership requirement
before passing a certification exam. WPATH certification rewards those members who are committing to stay on
top of both the current evidence and consensus in the field through continuing education.

GEI Best Practices Training Course Series

Foundations in Transgender Health is intended for providers of all experience levels. This 2-day training course for healthcare professionals from all specialties in the implementation of the Standards of Care focuses on the importance of an interdisciplinary care team approach and cross specialty foundational knowledge. What all providers should know about gender development, mental health considerations, legal, policy and ethical issues, primary care and preventative health, puberty blockers and hormonal treatment, surgical overviews and much more. Includes interactive multi-disciplinary case studies.

Advanced Medical Treatment is a full-day training that focuses on advanced hormonal treatment and complications, co-occurring conditions, general health, ongoing primary care and aging. A complicated case studies discussion helps to further understand care and treatment among multiple medical specialties.

Advanced Mental Health is a full-day training that dives into advanced psychotherapy topics across the lifespan, navigating therapy issues like counter transference, children of transgender people, re-identification, autism, trauma and a complicated cases panel.

Workshops are highly specialized 4-8-hour interactive and/or case-based sessions that focus on specific areas of interest. Workshops are part of our advanced track and intended for those who have completed the Foundations in Transgender Health course.

Topics include:
• Working with Children and Adolescents
• Planning and Documenting for Medical Transition
• Ethical Considerations
• Peri and Post-Operative Surgical Care
• Voice and Communication

GEI Timeline

Four Core Competencies

A Vision of Core Competencies



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