Mental health mentor directory


The below-listed WPATH members have been approved as WPATH GEI Certified Mentors and are available to provide the 10-hour mentorship requirement to members that are working to complete their coursework through the WPATH GEI SOC8 Certification process. We currently anticipate that the GEI SOC8 Certification Exam will be ready for eligible members by Summer 2023.

Please reach out to one of the mentors below to arrange mentoring hours and fees. Mentorship fees should be discussed independently with your chosen mentor, as fees vary depending on geographical location, specialty, and experience. Mentoring can happen 1-on-1 or in a group model, in-person or virtually, depending on your arrangement. Your mentor will track your hours and will work with you on the WPATH Core Competencies through a case-based mentoring process.

Please note that you must meet all other requirements, take & pass the GEI Certification Exam, as well as complete 10 hours of mentorship before you are eligible to become a WPATH GEI Certified Member. 

Lin Fraser, EdD - Lead, Mental Health Mentor Group - for any questions regarding becoming a mentor, please reach out to Lin by emailing us at wpath@wpath.org.

GEI SOC Certified Mental Health Mentor Directory

Applications for new GEI Mental Health Mentors will be suspended until spring 2023. Please stay tuned here for more information, and we look forward to receiving your application in the new year.

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