standards of care version 8

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SOC8 publication is complete. Please follow the link above to view the document.


Visit the SOC8 Translation Page

As new translations become available, we will add to this page. Currently listed are: Czech, Croatian, Georgian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Montenegrin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Thai, and Ukrainian.


WPATH Conference

History and purpose

The field of transgender healthcare is a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field. The last few years have seen a globally unprecedented increase and visibility of transgender and gender diverse people seeking support . . .

WPATH Conference

Establishing the soc8 Revision committee

The Standards of Care 8 revision started by identifying a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, researchers and stakeholders using a clearly defined process. The following steps were followed to select

WPATH Donationmethodology for the development of soc8 

Following the publication of the SOC8, in the future, unless there is a major need to adapt the entire document, small adaptations/addendums can take place, if/when new data is available that will affect specific recommendations . . .

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