bylaws, policies, & procedures

The mission of the Policy & Procedures Committee is to document the operational policies and procedures of and for the Association, and to provide a forum for the ongoing development of Association policy. The Committee creates and maintains a Policy and Procedures Manual which is a living document that guides the operation of the Association. The Policy and Procedures Manual is intended to ensure that the Association functions efficiently and effectively and to provide operational continuity over time.


child and adolescent

The child and adolescent committee aims at giving gender dysphoria in children and adolescent proper attention in the WPATH, regarding clinical care as well as training and research.


disorders of sex development

The mission of the WPATH Committee on Disorders of Sex Development (DSD)* is to educate and provide consultation on the current state of knowledge, research, and clinical practice regarding individuals born with sex-atypical variants of internal and external sex differentiation to professionals and the lay public.

*Formerly the Intersex Committee.



Chairperson and BOD Liaison
Jamison Green, PhD & Lin Fraser, EdD

Committee Members

Luke Allen, PhD, MA
Marci Bowers, MD
Lori Ecker, JD
Maurice Garcia, MD
Simona Giordano, PhD
Justin Penny, DO, MA, HEC-C
Loren Schechter, MD


institutionalized persons


Legal Issues

Whereas, our organization stands in favor of the claim of equal dignity and respect under the law of all transgender, transsexual and intersex people, and that our organization stands in favor of their equal treatment under the law, and their fair and equal access to medical, legal and social services and basic civil and human rights, regardless of the state or country in which they reside or under whose protection they fall. The members stand ready to inform and educate society at large, government and non-government organizations, and other professional groups concerning the medical treatment of transgender, transsexual and intersex people.

The Legal Issues Committee will draft on behalf of the organization: position papers, policy recommendations, legal science and legal briefs as needed to address specific cases at bar; advise government and non-government organizations; and improve societal recognition of the equal dignity, respect and rights of transgender, transsexual and intersex people when the rights and dignity of transgender and transsexual people may be or have been violated, or are in jeopardy, or are for consideration in relation to any other matter.



The mission of the WPATH Web Site Committee is to distribute information regarding the Association and gender identity issues via the internet.
Chairperson and BOD Liaison
Vin Tangpricha, MD, PhD


The mission of the Membership Committee is to recruit and retain new members, as well as to facilitate the communication between members. Professionals with a professional interest and experience in the field of gender identity and with a graduate degree in fields such as medicine, psychology, law, social work, counselling, psychotherapy, family studies, sociology, anthropology, sexology, speech and voice therapy, etc. are accepted to become a Full Individual (i.e., Professional) Member. Graduate students in relevant fields of study are invited to become Student Members. Other interested persons are invited to become Supporting Members. Exceptions to membership status can be made by the Board of Directors.



The purpose of the committee is to support the mission of WPATH; to act as an advocate within the WPATH board and general membership for patients/clients/consumers of medical, surgical, integrative medicine, psychiatric, legal, psychological, religious or other professional services as pertaining to transsexualism or transgenderism; and to serve, where necessary or possible, as a liaison between consumers of services and WPATH professional members who provide these services.



This committee has been created due to the ongoing need to revise WPATH's Standards of Care.
The mission of the Standards of Care Revision Committee is to:
1.) Represent the disciplines generally involved in the evaluation and multimodal treatment of persons with gender identity disorders
2.) Collect, examine, and discuss the literature pertaining to the evaluation and treatment of persons with gender identity disorders and to make recommendations for revisions to the existing Standards of Care when a significant body of information becomes available meriting a revision. By the very nature of the scientific process, there is no specific timetable for releasing new revisions; this is an ongoing process.

Eli Coleman, PhD
Jon Arcelus, MD
Asa Radix, MD



The mission of the WPATH Committee on Voice and Communication is to create an international network of professionals with expertise in the voice and communication issues experienced by gender variant children, adolescents and adults, to contribute to the development and promotion of standards of care and services for these individuals, and to reduce discrimination against gender variant people on the basis of their voice and communication characteristics.

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