The groups we list on our resource page are ones with which many of our professional members are directly affiliated and/or with which WPATH has directly partnered in producing conferences or educational programs or materials such that we are very familiar with the philosophy espoused by the group and the services they provide.

Gender Spectrum,

Gender Diversity,  

Stand with Trans,

TransYouth Family Allies,


Resources for the Aging LGBTQ+ Community: Healthcare, Financial Planning, & Long Term-Care,

Resources Related to Tucking and Binding: 

Refuge Restrooms 
is a web application that seeks to provide safe restroom access for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming individuals.

Social Security Administration: During the current coronavirus pandemic, SSA continues to provide help to you and others in your community. 

While their offices are not providing service to walk-in visitors due to COVID-19, SSA remains committed to providing ongoing benefits and vital services.  SSA remain ready and able to help you by phone with most Social Security matters. You can speak with a representative by calling your local Social Security office or their National 800 Number, 1-800-772-1213.  They provide local office phone numbers conveniently online with their Social Security Office Locator

SSA also wants you to know they have many secure and convenient online services to:

•    Apply for RetirementDisability, and Medicare benefits,
•    Check the status of an application or appeal,
•    Request a replacement Social Security card (in most areas), 
•    Print a benefit verification letter, and 
•    Much more.

Gender Identity Research & Education Society,



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