The WPATH Student Initiative (WSI) provides opportunities for graduate students to become active in the work of WPATH, a multidisciplinary professional association which works on behalf of transgender people around the world. Student members serve as liaisons to committees and to the Board of Directors. Members of the Student Initiative have access to a mentoring program and a database of training programs. The WSI also works to support student research by awarding small research grants and fostering opportunities for students to present their research at WPATH and other transgender-related conferences across the world.

What WPATH does for Students

Student members of WPATH are afforded numerous benefits to enrich their career development and opportunities to influence the field of transgender health.

  • Discounted registration fees to WPATH events
  • Access to the WSI Mentoring Program which facilitates connection to more senior members of WPATH
  • Online access to the quarterly International Journal of Transgenderism and the membership database and the Standards of Care
  • Eligibility for student achievement awards and small research grant awards
  • Opportunities to make professional connections and impact the field of transgender health by participating on WPATH committees
  • Opportunities to present your work and participate in graduate student meetings at WPATH Biennial Symposia and other transgender conferences around the world
  • Connecting to professionals and other students around the world via WPATH Google Groups

Requirements for Student Membership:

Student members are individuals enrolled in a graduate program who, upon graduation, would be eligible for professional membership in the association. Areas of study include law, medicine, social work, counseling, psychology, speech and language therapy, public health, family studies, psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, women/gender/queer studies, sexology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, pharmacology and other academic and applied disciplines that contribute, or have the potential to contribute, to the wellbeing of transgender individuals and to the field of transgender health.

Student membership is available at $35 (US) per year and requires proof of current enrollment as a graduate student through by uploading one of the following documents:

  • Photocopy of your dated student ID (with current date)
  • Photocopy or printout of your class registration
  • Photocopy or printout of your class schedule
  • Photocopy or printout of your school bill
  • Printout (with displayed URL) of your institution’s publicly accessible web page or web directory that proves your student status
  • Letter from a professor or academic advisor

To join, please complete the WPATH Membership Application.
Student members must be sponsored. If you need a sponsor, please contact Kit Rachlin.

Co-Chairs/BOD Liaisons:

Luke Allen, MA -
Co-chair of the Student Initiative Taskforce
Student Liaison to the Board of Directors

Alex Laungani, MD -
Co-chair of the Student Initiative Taskforce





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Student Initiative Newsletter (3-6-18)

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