WPATH is an international organization which focuses on global issues in transgender health. More local advocacy and policy can often be best accomplished by WPATH-affiliated regional associations. Each PATH has the advantage of WPATH affiliation while being able to focus activity and advocacy on the issues most important to that part of the world.

All US members of WPATH will automatically be members of USPATH. USPATH will be a nonprofit organization and will form when a Board of Directors is elected by the US members of WPATH. Then that board will solidify bylaws, organize committees, and conduct business under the WPATH umbrella.


USPATH 2019 Call for Abstracts: Submit Yours Today

September 3-8, 2019
Washington, DC 

On behalf of the USPATH Board of Directors we are pleased to announce a call for submission of abstracts for oral and poster sessions as well as mini-symposia to be considered for presentation at the 2019 USPATH Meeting in Washington, DC.

Submission Deadline: May 10, 2019 at 5:00 pm EST.
Submission Link: https://catalyst.omnipress.com/#collection/520/submission

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Volunteer for the USPATH Scientific Review Committee

September 3-8, 2019
Washington, DC 

We would like to solicit applications for participation in the Scientific Review Committee for the 2019 USPATH Conference.  Members of this committee will help shape the scientific content of the conference, including performing reviews of submitted abstracts, identifying gaps and areas of need, and contributing to the development of invited content.  Participation in this committee is a great way for USPATH members to become more involved in USPATH leadership, and to gain experience with the various aspects of planning and executing a scientific conference.

To apply for the Scientific Review Committee, please submit your CV as well as a maximum 100 word summary of your area(s) of expertise, and interest in and qualifications for doing this work to uspath@wpath.org by May 3, 2019.





USPATH Board Responds to Federal Effort to Redefine Gender





Welcome Newly Elected USPATH Board Members

On behalf of the USPATH Officers, we want to thank you for voting in the USPATH Board Elections and thank all of the outstanding candidates for putting their names forward to run for the USPATH Board Member positions and for their willingness to serve USPATH. 

Board member Election Results



The members of the USPATH Taskforce along with the newly elected USPATH officers are pleased to invite nominations for the Board of Directors (BOD) of The United States Professional Association for Transgender Health (USPATH). Candidates must be full members of WPATH who reside in the United States.

USPATH becomes a legal entity when elections are held, and the organization is incorporated. A Steering Committee was formed to get the organization off the ground, but the members of the Steering Committee will step down once all the USPATH Board of Directors are in place. The Steering Committee has been hard at work to establish an open election process, criteria for nominations, and newly-drafted bylaws for USPATH, which the new board may choose to adopt as they move forward. Thank you for your participation in creating this new organization!

USPATH Officer Election Results


USPATH Board of Directors – Director-at-Large – Ballot



WPATH Recommended Benefits Policy Document: Created in Partnership with Starbucks


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For more information, please see the announcement on Starbuck's website. Click Here

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