methodology for the development of soc8





 2.3 Development of Chapters

The Guideline Steering Committee, in discussion with chapter members, determined the chapters for inclusion in the Standards of Care, based on the previous editions of the SOC. Four new chapters were added. The chapters in the Standards of Care 8th Version are:

  1.  Chapter 1. Terminology
  2.  Chapter 2. Global Applicability
  3.  Chapter 3. Population Estimates
  4.  Chapter 4. Education
  5.  Chapter 5. Assessment of Adults
  6.  Chapter 6. Adolescents
  7.  Chapter 7. Children
  8.  Chapter 8. Nonbinary
  9.  Chapter 9. Eunuchs
  10.  Chapter 10. Intersex
  11.  Chapter 11. Institutional Environments
  12.  Chapter 12. Hormone Therapy
  13.  Chapter 13. Surgery and Postoperative Care
  14.  Chapter 14. Voice and Communication
  15.  Chapter 15. Primary Care
  16.  Chapter 16. Reproductive Health
  17.  Chapter 17. Sexual Health
  18.  Chapter 18. Mental Health


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2.4 Methodology of the SOC8

Several stages have been followed to develop the SOC8:

  1.  Based on the SOC7 the topics were reviewed and main questions were developed
  2.  Systematic literature reviews were conducted where appropriate
  3.  Draft recommendations statements were developed by the chapters and reviewed by the chairs
  4.  Delphi process was followed in order to approve recommendations
  5.  Approved recommendations were Graded
  6.  Supportive text was added for each recommendation
  7.  Independent checking of references of chapters.

The SOC8 chairs have approved every step above.

2.4.1 Refine the Topics and Review Questions
2.4.2 Conduct the Systematic Reviews
2.4.3 Drafting of the Recommendation Statements
2.4.4 Approval of the recommendation following the Delphi Method
2.4.5 Grading
2.4.6 adding Supportive text


2.5 Editing of the SOC8

An independent professional editor has been commissioned in order to edit the whole SOC8 in order for the SOC8 to read as written by one person.



 2.6 Distribute Standards of Care for review

Once ready, the whole draft will be distributed via this website for comments from the WPATH members, the WPATH Global Trans Advisory Council, and open for comments for a period of one month. The comments will be reviewed by the SOC8 chairs and chapter leads and if appropriate and necessary changes will be made.



2.7 Disseminate the Standards of Care

The Standards of Care will be printed in a special edition of the International Journal of Transgender Health; this edition will be open access.



2.8    Plan to Update

The field of transgender health is rapidly evolving. Small adaptations/changes/addendums to the Standards of Care version 8 may take place. However, should new data become available that will significantly affect specific recommendations a revision of the SOC8 will be considered by a newly to be formed SOC8 Revision Committee. The SOC8 Revision Committee will be recruited and established after the completion and publication of the SOC8.

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