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Establishing the
 soc8 Revision committee and
meet the chairs and lead evidence team






2.1 Establishing SOC Revision Committee Process

The Standards of Care 8 revision started by identifying a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, researchers and stakeholders using a clearly defined process. The following steps were followed to select the members of the SOC8 review committee:

2.1.1 Establish Guideline Steering Committee
2.1.2 Nomination Procedures and selection for Co-Chairs
2.1.3 Nomination and selection procedures for Chapter Leads
2.1.4 Nomination Procedures and selection for Chapter Workgroup Members
2.1.5 Nomination and selection procedures for Chapter Stakeholder Members
2.1.6 Selection of the evidence review team

Conflict of Interest

Members of the Guideline Steering Committee, Chapter Leads and Members, and members of the Evidence Review Team are asked to disclose any conflicts of interest. Also reported, in addition to potential financial and competing interests or conflicts, were personal or direct reporting relationships with a chair, co-chair or a WPATH Board Member or the holding of a position on the WPATH Board of Directors.

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